Alex Singleton

Professor of Geographic Information Science at the University of Liverpool. If you are interested in my blog posts, these can now be found at the Geographic Data Science Lab.

My publications

MSc Geographic Data Science


We have an excellent MSc in the emerging area of Geographic Data Science and is accepting applications. We have an e-brochure, and you can click here to get an overview of the course or find out how to apply.

Geographic Data Science Lab


GDSL are a collective of researchers with interests in the fusion of Data Science, GIS and their appropriate use. You can find our blog here. We are always interested in hearing from new collaborators and welcome visitors.


I am a Professor of Geographic Information Science at the University of Liverpool and Deputy Director of the ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC). Prior to this I worked at University College London as a researcher and is also where I completed my PhD. In a general sense my research is concerned with how the complexities of individual behaviours manifest spatially and can be represented and understood though a framework of geographic data science.

In particular, this research has extended a tradition of area classification and I have developed a broad critique of the ways in which geodemographic methods can be refined through modern scientific approaches to data mining, geographic information science and quantitative human geography. I am an avid R user, and also advocate of Open Geographic Information Science.


Where appropriate I try to make my academic work accessible, with some examples of these activities including: