Transport Mode Choice and the Commute to Work


Travel-to-work data have been made available for a number of previous censuses (Stillwell et al, 2010), and have been integral to a range of applications, including the delineation of labour-market areas (Coombes and Openshaw, 1982) and the modelling of commuting patterns over multiple scales (Lovelace et al, 2013; Ozkul, 2014). Such data have now been derived from responses to the UK 2011 Census of the Population, creating counts of people travelling between origin–destination pairs, and including disaggregation by travel mode choice amongst other attributes. These data were recently released by the Office for National Statistics for middle layer super output areas (MSOAs) in England and Wales, which is a zonal geography pertaining to units that contain between 5000 and 15 000 people. This featured graphic presents a series of flow maps presented as small multiples for Kingston upon Hull.

Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space